Saturday, April 28, 2012

Custom Photo Enlargement

Two weeks ago, I had an Etsy buyer approach me about making one of my photographs a custom enlarged size.  At that point, the largest I had ever enlarged one of my photographs was 16 inches x 20 inches.  The customer was requesting the size of 56 inches x 33 inches!!  I was worried that my photograph would be too pixelated at that size, but, thanks to some Internet research and Photoshop tutorials, I was able to enlarge my photograph and increase the image quality. 

Then, I had to find a new photo lab to print the custom size.  I landed on, since they could do the custom size on Metallic paper.  I HIGHLY recommend them!  Very easy to order, fast turnaround, and quick, reasonable shipping.  And the print is absolutely STUNNING!!  I received it today (I have to confess...I practically ran out to greet my mailman as he was bringing it up the drive) and I can't wait to ship it off to my customer.  I'm hoping they love it as much as I do :) husband put his stamp of approval on it :)  He even said, "Why haven't you been offering this (larger prints) before?"  Well, now I can :)  Any print in my Etsy shop and any size you'd like.

Here's a size comparison with the custom print at the bottom:


  1. That shot is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing the info about the website. I'll have to check them out for my photos!!


  2. Beautiful! I always get super excited when I see my photos in bug sizes, too. I haven't ever done 56x33, though--wow!

  3. Thanks, Alisha and Sara!!

    Alisha- Bill is the guy in charge over at He provides great customer service! They have a wide variety papers and enlargement options...even wall mural fabric! Also, just a heads up, you'll see Lighthouse Media, Inc. on the header and as the's still (I'm guessing they couldn't get Lighthouse Media as their domain name).

    Sara- I was really nervous about printing it that big, but the customer had a space on their wall for that particular size and I was able to do it. I'm hoping they'll send me a picture of it up on their wall. It's really amazing in person!

  4. This is Bill Wegener owner of I just read this page and have to admit I am having a hard time wiping the big smile off my happy face. You guys really REALLY made my day, nothing better than unsolicited nice comment from some of the nicest customers in the world. This is exactly why I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS SO MUCH! I remember seeing your beautiful print coming through my shop, it's a beautiful image so of course you're gonna get a beautiful result back. We can only print what we get, greatness in, greatness out. LOVE YA. And again, Thanks for the kind words, really encouraging to me and our team.