Monday, August 27, 2012


I'm still alive :) Yes, I have taken, yet, another extended hiatus from blogging and, for a while, photo taking. My apologies!!!

Between the last time I blogged, I prepped and taught preschool Vacation Bible School; prepped and coordinated Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Family Camp; addressed 300+ outer envelopes for two weddings and 150+ table cards for a wedding reception; prepped, organized, and created materials for the 5th Annual Jane Austen Festival; and, so much more.

The biggest thing that's happened is my son started Preschool last week. I did tear up as I left him playing in his new classroom and my stomach was in knots until I picked him up. He, of course, was fine.

I'm, now, looking forward to spending my "little man"-free time to take some photos and get caught up on all my unfinished art and sewing projects. Hopefully, soon I'll have lots of new things to share.

Here are some of my latest photos to help catch you all up:


 I painted all the black (plus two red) with white lettering signs.

 I also sketched, cut out, and painted the "man" in the above photograph. 

I haven't been sticking to the idea of taking a photo each day of the year, but I intend on having 366 images at the end of 2012 that represent my photographic and artistic journey. 

During the extended summer heat (many days over 100 degrees), I spent a lot of time playing inside with my son.  So, the following images are inspired by those pleasant hours...

Thanks for checking in!  I hope you enjoy the photographs and the new blog design.  It was time for a make-over and re-branding.  Hope you all have a fabulous week!