Friday, September 3, 2010

What's in a name...

For those who are curious, I thought I'd share how Maria Rose: A Prime Collection was created.  The name Maria Rose is derived from two of my favorite, and longtime, photography subjects: my cat, Maria, and flowers, particularly roses.  I started out photographing cats and nature when I was in my teens.  Rose also holds two other special significances.  It is my mother's middle name and she was the one who guided my development in each of the Prime areas. 

The second part (A Prime Collection) of the name was chosen during a conversation with my husband.  He and I share a mutual love of mathematics.  We also both love prime numbers.  As I was listing off what talents I wanted to share, he was taking account of how many I mentioned.  With the tally of five, my husband declared that five is a prime, and it would be wise to add that to the name of my business.  You can't go wrong with a prime!  So, the rest is history...and Maria Rose: A Prime Collection was born. 

The Prime Collection

The website is complete and ready for viewing!  Go to to check out Maria Rose and my portfolio.  Here is a taste of my work...

Mrs. Anthony and Bridesmaids
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to Maria Rose's Blog!

My name is Alana Gillett, creator of Maria Rose: A Prime Collection.  I am a photographer, videographer, calligrapher, special events decorator, and artist.  I will provide updates and examples of new work here, so please keep checking back at the blog to see what's happening at Maria Rose.  Thank you!