Monday, April 21, 2014

New Web Series...

One of the short film projects that I have been working on lately is 
"Words of Wisdom with Jane Austen."
My friend, Emily, and I got together 
at the beginning of this year
to plan out different video series that
celebrate Jane Austen and reveal different aspects of Regency life
as a way to promote the 2014 Jane Austen Festival
that's coming up on July 18th, 19th, and 20th of this year.

Since winter seemed to drag on and on this year,
filming kept getting pushed back further and further.

Until the beginning of this month,
when my other friend and very talented actress, Marrie Koch,
 and co-hort in "All things Jane Austen," Bonny Wise,
met at National Historic Landmark, Locust Grove, to
film in the 1790s house.
Locust Grove was the perfect setting for these short films.
I am very grateful for the opportunity to film there.

There has been a great response so far!
We have new episodes to release every Monday leading up the Festival in July.
So, here's the first two episodes, for your viewing pleasure,
(they're only about 20-30 seconds in length):

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy New Year...oh, wait...Happy Easter!!

Happy New Year, fans!!
I'm starting my new year a little late ;) 
So, Happy New Year and Happy Easter!!

It has been a whirlwind first four months of 2014...
Here's a list of what I've been up to:
Filmed and edited various short films,
Planned for the 2014 Jane Austen Festival,
Re-created the Jane Austen Society of North America- 
Greater Louisville Region's (JASNA-GL) website,
Managed said website,
 Re-energized the JASNA-GL blog,
Created graphics for the Festival promotional materials and merchandise,
Prepped the 2014 Jane Austen Festival Volunteer website,
Planned for the 2015 Annual General Meeting for JASNA,
Presented at two monthly meetings for JASNA-GL,
Opened a new shop on Etsy (but it might be changing soon),
Created themed photos for January and March (as part of the "Themes of 2014" group),
Directed my Tech Team at my church,
Went on a fabulous vacation to the Gulf Coast,
Celebrated my birthday with my family,
Selling on Etsy 
and taking pictures whenever I can.

In the midst of all this, I have been playing Cars, building farms, 
acting as different animal puppets, and 
reading books (lots of books) with my Pre-K-er. 
As well as squeezing time in with my very patient and loving husband.

The craziness isn't going to end any time soon,
so please bear with me if I'm not posting regularly.

So, I'll leave you today with a pretty image of our forsythia bush 
and promises for more photos and videos to come :)


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Year in Review...All of my Colors of 2013 with Eva Ricci Studios Collages

My beautiful color journey throughout 2013...

January in Red
 February in Pink

 March in Green

 April in White

May in Blue

September in Brown
October in Orange
November in Gold
December in Blue, White, and Green

Many thanks to Eva Ricci for creating this "Colors of 2013" challenge!! 
I have met some wonderful ladies who are incredibly talented and supportive to each other. 
I am excited to get going on the photography challenge coming up in 2014.

Also, thank you to each and everyone of my blog readers and fans 
that have been checking up on my photography journey here.  
I have been very blessed this year with new friends, supportive teams, new photographic vision,
 special projects (one being my play!!), a renewed love for painting and playing the flute, and 
lots of learning opportunities about my crafts.  

I am looking forward to many special projects I have on the calender for 2014.  Stay tuned :)

Wishing each and every one of you and your families a
Happy New Year!!!

Jane Austen Society of North America- Greater Louisville Region's December Christmas and Birthday Tea

So, I blogged awhile ago about my big decorating job
for the the Jane Austen December Christmas and Birthday Tea 
and I'm finally going to share the photos with you :)
 (My apologies that they are iPhone pics...
I had a car full of stuff to bring and forgot my good camera.)

Here is what I was up to on Sunday, December 15th...

We were concluding our year long celebration of the 
200th publication anniversary of "Pride & Prejudice,"
so I wanted to include pages from a copy of
 "Pride & Prejudice" in the decorations.
Plus some BIG P & P's :)

I chose the blue and white plus greenery theme, 
since it was a Christmas Tea 
and I had done the typical Christmas colors the previous years.

 The "Earl" always makes an appearance, especially to hold the birthday sign for Jane.
 I made the embroidery hoops with designer fabric from Jo-Ann's (bottom left and top right) plus I made a few with a blue painted stencil pattern on white muslin (top middle).  I made the silver berry wreath (on the left) and painted the green and blue wreath on the square canvas.  I also painted two different stencil patterns on the "Pride and Prejudice" book pages and cut out different sized hearts out of the book pages to give as gifts to the Tea attendees.
 I stuck branches in the large white foam frames, which were kindly given to me by the Creative Director at my church, and hung the book page hearts and stenciled pages from the branches.  I also added some plastic decorator snowflakes to create sparkle and 
contribute to the blue and white Christmas theme.
 Clear, blue, and green glass vases and pitchers were placed around the center design and on the tables along with hand written letters from "Pride and Prejudice." 
I glued book pages together to fill two tall clear glass vases to highlight Jane's wonderful work.  
I also stenciled the two paintings that were placed in front of the tables.

 I created two chandeliers from wire wreath forms and "Pride and Prejudice" book page heart cut-outs.  I tied white and cream muslin strips plus some of the decorator fabric to cover the wire wreath form.  They took quite a bit of time to make, but looked so pretty as they flanked the fireplace.
The beautiful blue vase, pine cone, evergreen, and silver berry centerpiece for our tea treats table.

 The middle hanging strand was the play bills from my play, "Elizabeth & Darcy- A Love Story," that premiered at the 6th Annual Jane Austen Festival this past July. 

 Along with decorating, I collaborated with my friend, 
Christophe (who played Wickham and Colonel Fitzwilliam in my play), and 
we delighted the Tea attendees with Christmas music on harpsichord and flute.
He is very talented and played beautifully on the stunning historical harpsichord.

He was dressed in Regency attire and serenaded the attendees before the tea started 
and while they were waiting in line for tea and treats.

It was an absolutely lovely event!
 I am looking forward to and already planning for next years :)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

Colors of 2013- November and December Collages

Hi blog readers!!!  Happy December :)

This past weekend was my craziest weekend in a while,
so I'm sorry I fell off the radar...again.

I was furiously creating decorations for the 
Jane Austen Society of North America- Greater Louisville Region's 
December Birthday and Christmas Tea
(post with pictures to come soon)
plus practicing Christmas flute music for the same event
(I got to play several duets with a historical harpsichord!!)

I was also preparing for children's crafts for 
Christmastide at Locust Grove
(post with pictures to come soon).

So, now I'm working on getting caught up on all the projects 
I need to complete before the end of 2013.
First up are my final two "Colors of 2013 with Eva Ricci Studios" collages.
November in Gold

December in Blue, White, and Green

Here's one extra image for December, just for you all :)

I'll post the pictures from the events this past weekend soon.
Thanks for stopping by!! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Yesterday, I was blessed by Etsy...

In my three years of selling on Etsy, I had been waiting for this day...
one of my photographs was included in a daily Etsy finds email!!!

I couldn't believe it when I first saw it.
Each day I have scrolled through those emails, 
hoping that 
just maybe,
one of the images would be mine.

And then it happened.
Scrolling through the Etsy email titled "Merry & Bright,"
I saw it...
my "Butterfly Lights" photograph :)

I wish I could send a *HUG* to Taylor, who put the email together. 

I had an AMAZING response to my photograph 
with lots of shop and listing favorites.
And to top it off,
 I got a SALE!!!  
"Butterfly Lights" and one more of my photographs will be off to a new home soon :)

I am still on Cloud 9 and can't stop smiling :)

To celebrate such a wonderful blessing, 
I have started the SALE in my Etsy shop a little early :)
All Photo Prints and Gifts are now 50% OFF! 
You have to use the coupon code, CYBERTHANKS, at checkout to redeem the percent discount.

Thank you for stopping by!