Friday, June 13, 2014

Themes of 2014- January to June

I have been blessed this year to be in the group, "Themes of 2014." It's a group of wonderfully supportive and inspiring female photographers.  I haven't been good about posting my collages or images this year (sorry!).  But, I have to say, putting them all together like this makes me want to go out and shoot more :)  Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. You did such an amazing job with these. Stunning collections. SO happy you enjoy the group, so many talented ladies. Cannot wait to see more. Hugs

  2. All of these individual images that I've admired individually look so beautiful as a mosaic here. And it's a mosaic with a beautiful colorwash (like a colorwash quilt - do you know that term?) - the colors fading from warm earth tones to the cooler blues is just gorgeous! :) Congratulations!! :)


  3. Your collages are stunning put together like this - thank you for the link to your site, I've enjoyed browsing! I love your Jane Austen posts, the little films are delightful. The Jane Austen festival looks like great fun - I wish we something similar over here. I visited her house last week in Chawton, Hampshire - it's quite near where I live - and it was wonderfully atmospheric and very beautiful, I really do love that era.