Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Jane Austen Society of North America- Greater Louisville Region's December Christmas and Birthday Tea

So, I blogged awhile ago about my big decorating job
for the the Jane Austen December Christmas and Birthday Tea 
and I'm finally going to share the photos with you :)
 (My apologies that they are iPhone pics...
I had a car full of stuff to bring and forgot my good camera.)

Here is what I was up to on Sunday, December 15th...

We were concluding our year long celebration of the 
200th publication anniversary of "Pride & Prejudice,"
so I wanted to include pages from a copy of
 "Pride & Prejudice" in the decorations.
Plus some BIG P & P's :)

I chose the blue and white plus greenery theme, 
since it was a Christmas Tea 
and I had done the typical Christmas colors the previous years.

 The "Earl" always makes an appearance, especially to hold the birthday sign for Jane.
 I made the embroidery hoops with designer fabric from Jo-Ann's (bottom left and top right) plus I made a few with a blue painted stencil pattern on white muslin (top middle).  I made the silver berry wreath (on the left) and painted the green and blue wreath on the square canvas.  I also painted two different stencil patterns on the "Pride and Prejudice" book pages and cut out different sized hearts out of the book pages to give as gifts to the Tea attendees.
 I stuck branches in the large white foam frames, which were kindly given to me by the Creative Director at my church, and hung the book page hearts and stenciled pages from the branches.  I also added some plastic decorator snowflakes to create sparkle and 
contribute to the blue and white Christmas theme.
 Clear, blue, and green glass vases and pitchers were placed around the center design and on the tables along with hand written letters from "Pride and Prejudice." 
I glued book pages together to fill two tall clear glass vases to highlight Jane's wonderful work.  
I also stenciled the two paintings that were placed in front of the tables.

 I created two chandeliers from wire wreath forms and "Pride and Prejudice" book page heart cut-outs.  I tied white and cream muslin strips plus some of the decorator fabric to cover the wire wreath form.  They took quite a bit of time to make, but looked so pretty as they flanked the fireplace.
The beautiful blue vase, pine cone, evergreen, and silver berry centerpiece for our tea treats table.

 The middle hanging strand was the play bills from my play, "Elizabeth & Darcy- A Love Story," that premiered at the 6th Annual Jane Austen Festival this past July. 

 Along with decorating, I collaborated with my friend, 
Christophe (who played Wickham and Colonel Fitzwilliam in my play), and 
we delighted the Tea attendees with Christmas music on harpsichord and flute.
He is very talented and played beautifully on the stunning historical harpsichord.

He was dressed in Regency attire and serenaded the attendees before the tea started 
and while they were waiting in line for tea and treats.

It was an absolutely lovely event!
 I am looking forward to and already planning for next years :)

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