Friday, June 24, 2011

I fell off the face of the Earth again...

Hi All! Sorry there hasn't been a ton of new stuff lately. I have been SUPER busy getting ready for the 7th Annual Hearing Impaired Family Camp at Lions Bear Lake Camp in Lapeer, MI. I am the Program Coordinator, so I've been doing all the activity planning and preparing all the materials needed for the games, decorations, and art activities. It's a BIG job, but I love it!!!
(To give you a little backstory, I was a Teacher of the Hearing Impaired before I created Maria Rose: A Prime Collection.  Teaching is still one of my greatest passions and, for now, I get to put all that love and creativity into HI Family Camp.) 

Please forgive my absence and I will try to share some new stuff with you soon!  Thanks!

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