Saturday, June 4, 2011

Smoke Bush Tree

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 Here's the last set of photos from my Mother's gardenThese feature her Smoke Bush tree.  I love the colors of this tree!  I can't wait to get one for my garden!



  1. Nice work. I also have a Smoke Bush Tree, only in bright green.

  2. Beautiful pictures, my dear!! Can't believe those are in her back yard. Stunning.

  3. Thanks, Lisa and Alisha!

    Lisa- I didn't know that Smoke Bush Trees came in different colors. Very cool! Does it have the same type of new growth or "flower" like this one?

    Alisha- I did a little color enhancement, but it truly is that colorful. It's a great bush...I highly recommend it! I'm trying to grow new little bushes from cuttings, so I can have one in Louisville. We'll see...