Saturday, October 13, 2012

Week Catch Up

So, it's been a busy and exciting week!  I've had some great feedback on my pointe shoes photographs, which I'm hopefully going to get prints made soon.  I also received the most amazing comment about my "Reflected" photograph on my Society6 page: "This belongs in a museum of modern art, where it would surely never fail to draw a crowd of admirers. It's fabulous!"  This comment made me SO happy and made my day :)


The second exciting thing from this week is that I am now an INTERNATIONAL artist!  I shipped off my "Who Me?" photograph to a customer in AUSTRALIA :)  Love it!!

Today, I went out to take some photos of the fall colors in my backyard and discovered a lovely thistle plant growing in a pot on our deck. 

Stages of a Thistle

As I was photographing it, my cat, Maria, started meowing at me from the screen door.  She was looking at me with those sweet "puppy dog eyes" and I had to take her photo.  Our screen is broken, so I was able to get a clearer shot.  She eventually figured out how to get through the screen and jumped out the door :)  She's a stinker!

Let Me Out

How was your week?

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