Sunday, March 25, 2012

12th Week of 366 Project

Well, I just realized I've been a week off on my posts here on the blog...last week I posted that it was my 10th week of my photo each day project and I was wrong!  So, I have corrected all the weeks and we are back on track.

This week was devoted to cherry blossoms.  We have an absolutely stunning weeping cherry tree in our front yard.  It was covered in blossoms at the beginning of this week and, now, most of the blossom petals are coating our front sidewalk and ground.  I'm going to include two photographs of the cherry blossom buds (from last week), so you can see the progression of my cherry tree.

Cherry Blossom Line Up

At the End

Happy First Day of Spring!


White Dream



And now for some bonus photographs...

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